uniform dress code

Dear VCMS Parents,


As you look forward to the beginning of another summer vacation, we realize that you will also spend some time doing back to school shopping for next year.  With that in mind, we would like to clarify our dress code policy before you make your purchases.


To help avoid any confusion regarding the dress code for the current school year, we would like to take this opportunity to help you understand the VCMS dress code policy.  Please keep in mind recent fashion trends should be avoided when making your choices and any changes to the VCMS Handbook have been minimal and are more in the area of “grace” than restriction and to avoid further confusion.



Students may wear shorts/pants in black, gray or khaki.  Shorts and pants are to be uniform style; no cargo style, multi pocketed, patch pocketed, frayed, top-stitched, and corduroy or denim of any color are permitted.  Girls may wear capris/bermudas; all styles are to be worn at the waist/mid-rise, no low-rise pants permitted. Shorts are to be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee; no rolling or sagging permitted.


*PLEASE NOTE-the current “skinny jeans” popularity does not fit within our dress code policy. Skinny jeans are NOT uniform style pants. Please double check that you are not purchasing dress code colored skinny jeans to be worn at school.  The current trendy “joggers” ankle pants or zipper ankle pants are not considered dress code for boys or girls.


Girl’s Skirt/Shorts

Since the 2008 VCMS Handbook, skirt/short length has been “no shorter than 2 inches above the knee”.  We have given you an extra 2 inches and allowed you to go “up to 4 inches above the knee”.  Please note we did not make the skirt/short length longer but rather shorter.  When measuring for accuracy, please measure from the back of the knee.




VCMS logo sweatshirts are the ONLY SWEATSHIRTS (other than solid gray, black or burgundy) allowed to be worn at school.  Sweaters, cardigans and vests are allowed in solid school colors but must not have designs, stripes or large logos.  Sweatshirts must not have alternate colored zippers or trim.  This was a big problem this year and will be considered a dress code violation next year.  You may not wear any other sweatshirts to school, even for recess.  Jackets are permitted outside the classroom but must be free of large logos.




Students must wear black/white socks at all times.  Fun socks may be worn on Fridays.  It does not matter the length of the sock (calf, knee, crew, etc.) but socks have to be worn.  Please do not choose white/black socks with a colored design or stripe on the ankle (like Nike elites).  Only black or white solid socks are allowed.  Please note this is not a change from last year.




Moccasins will not be allowed as dress code shoes.  They appear to be more like slippers and don’t function like an athletic shoe.   We do allow more options such as “Toms” and flat soled shoes as long as they are closed toe and have a rubber sole. Sandals or boots are not permitted (including Uggs).  Most shoes with rubber soles are allowed.   Laced athletic shoes must be worn during P.E. No shoes can be worn without laces if holes for laces are present.



T-Shirt Days

VCMS P.E. shirts are allowed to be worn to school as part of the school dress code on Fridays only.  Please make sure you have purchased a VCMS P.E. shirt for P.E. on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  Collared shirts need to worn the rest of the week.  Exceptions to dress code shirts are on Common planning days.  Students are allowed to wear “Christian t-shirts” one Common Planning day a month.



P.E. Shorts/Sweatpants

Black VCMS logo uniform athletic shorts are the only shorts allowed to be worn during P.E.  As mentioned previously, P.E. takes place on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  No other shorts are allowed for P.E. days; not even solid colored black shorts.  Logo shorts of any kind are not permitted (even if they are black).  During cold weather students can wear VCMS black nylon sweat pants or solid black sweatpants only; no stripes or logos.




Students may wear collared polo shirts, blouses, or turtlenecks in black, burgundy, gray, white & pink (not salmon or coral).  Tucking of shirts is optional.  Shirts must be the appropriate length and size – not too long, short or tight.  Layering is not permitted and undergarments of any kind must not be visible.  Large logos are not allowed.



Jewelry/Grooming/Hair Color

Students may wear appropriate jewelry, not in excess.  No large hoops, earrings or costume jewelry is permitted.  Hair accessories can include headbands that are no wider than 2 inches and free from logos.  Hair bows or flowers accessories must not be large enough to be considered a distraction.  All hair accessories need to be dress code in color.  Hair needs to be clean, well maintained and off the collar (for boys) with no sweeping bangs. Hair needs to be natural in color, no dyed or bleached hair is permitted and this includes “Kool-Aid” hair colors.  We understand this is a fun summer option but please do not come to school with dyed or bleached hair during the school year.  Scarves can be worn during cold months in dress code colors only.


There will be an additional summer order for Warrior Wear. We will also be fully stocked with Warrior Wear for all of your P.E. needs at the “Back to School BBQ” on August 2nd (don’t forget your checkbook).  We will also have the “clothes closet” open for your shopping pleasure if you would like to choose some gently used uniform and Warrior Wear items at a reduced cost.


Please be advised that the current dress code is in place to provide the best academic environment for your child without distraction.  It is not our intention to require a uniform of starched white shirts, tucked into pleated black pants.  We offer many choices and options that allow for personal expression and freedom within the dress code. We ask that you please adhere to the policies set forth and take a second look at your child before they leave for school in the morning to make sure they are in compliance.  Thank you for partnering with VCMS during these wonderful middle school years.  There is so much to accomplish here and monitoring the dress code should be the least of them.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the school office.



~ The VCMS Staff